23rd International Workshop on Data Mining in Bioinformatics (BIOKDD 2024)TBDTBD
2nd Workshop on Causal Inference and Machine Learning in PracticeTBDTBD
3rd Workshop on End-End Customer Journey OptimizationTBDTBD
3rd Workshop on Ethical Artificial Intelligence: Methods and Applications (EAI)TBDTBD
3rd Workshop on Uncertainty Reasoning and Quantification in Decision Making (UDM)TBDTBD
AI for Education (AI4EDU): Advancing Personalized Education with LLM and Adaptive LearningTBDTBD
Artificial Intelligence and Data Science for Healthcare: Bridging Data-Centric AI and People-Centric HealthcareTBDTBD
epiDAMIK 2024: The 7th International Workshop on Epidemiology meets Data Mining and Knowledge DiscoveryTBDTBD
FedKDD: International Joint Workshop on Federated Learning for Data Mining and Graph AnalyticsTBDTBD
First Workshop on Generative AI for Recommender Systems and PersonalizationTBDTBD
Fragile Earth: Generative and Foundational Models for Sustainable DevelopmentTBDTBD
Human-Interpretable AITBDTBD
KDD workshop on Evaluation and Trustworthiness of Generative AI ModelsTBDTBD
KiL 2024: 4th International Workshop on Knowledge-infused Learning (Towards Consistent, Reliable, Explainable, and Safe LLMs)TBDTBD
Machine Learning in FinanceTBDTBD
NL2Code-Reasoning and Planning with LLM for Code DevelopmentTBDTBD
RelKD 2024: The Second International Workshop on Resource-Efficient Learning for Knowledge DiscoveryTBDTBD
The 10th Mining and Learning from Time Series Workshop: From Classical Methods to LLMsTBDTBD
The 13th International Workshop on Urban Computing (Urbcomp 2024)TBDTBD
The 2nd International Workshop: From Innovation to Scale (I2S)TBDTBD
The 4th KDD Workshop on Deep Learning for Spatiotemporal Data, Applications, and Systems (DeepSpatial’24)TBDTBD
The 4th Workshop on Artificial Intelligence-enabled Cybersecurity AnalyticsTBDTBD
The 5th International Workshop on Talent and Management Computing (TMC’2024)TBDTBD
The First Workshop on AI Behavioral ScienceTBDTBD
The Fourth International Workshop on Smart Data for Blockchain and Distributed Ledger (SDBD’24)TBDTBD
The Third Workshop on Applied Machine Learning ManagementTBDTBD
TSMO 2024: Two-sided Marketplace OptimizationTBDTBD
Workshop on Deep Learning and Large Language Models for Knowledge Graphs (DL4KG)TBDTBD
Workshop on Discovering Drift Phenomena in Evolving Data Landscape (DELTA)TBDTBD