The KDD 2024 PhD Consortium is designed to offer an enriching platform for PhD students at all stages of their doctoral journey to showcase their dissertation plans and preliminary results to a diverse audience. This initiative fosters an environment where students can receive valuable feedback from senior researchers, engage in discussions with peers, and explore opportunities for potential collaborations.

Submission to the KDD PhD Consortium is exclusively open to actively enrolled PhD students. Submissions encompass a wide spectrum of topics within knowledge discovery and data mining. The submitting PhD student must be the primary author, while co-authors may include collaborators and advisors. Priority consideration will be given to applicants from underrepresented backgrounds in computing or those facing resource constraints in their academic pursuits.

Accepted paper titles and authors will be linked on the KDD website (they will not appear in the KDD proceedings or be published in any archival form). A selected group will be invited to present their work orally during the Consortium, while others will have the opportunity to present through poster sessions.

Moreover, attendees can apply for the KDD travel award, which entails volunteering at the conference in exchange for partial financial support towards their expenses. Registration fees will be waived for all travel awardees, and travel expenses may be partially covered depending on available funds and the number of recipients.

The Consortium will also feature a panel discussion focusing on diverse career pathways and research trajectories spanning academia and industry. This session offers an avenue for Ph.D. students to pose questions and seek advice on various aspects of doctoral studies and future career prospects.

Please note that physical presence is mandatory for participation in the PhD Consortium; remote attendance is not allowed.

Important Dates

Application Submission

Applications must be submitted using the following submission portal by 11:59:59 pm (AoE) on the stated deadline date:


Application Material

Submitted papers should be 2 pages long plus a possible 1 page only for references, and adhere to the ACM Conference Proceeding templates in a two-column format. Detailed guidelines for the templates can be accessed via this link: https://www.acm.org/publications/proceedings-template. The submission should contain the complete list of authors and their affiliations (i.e., not be anonymous). The student must be the first author.

Once a paper has been submitted, no changes to the list of authors will be permitted. Additionally, each Ph.D. student is restricted to a single submission. Furthermore, we only consider submissions that present some preliminary results, and on topics relevant to KDD.


Please include a CV limited to 1 page. List your background, research publications, and other experiences (education, employment, open-source projects, etc.). The list of publications must include venue, year, and author list. 

Personal Statement

Please submit a 1-page personal statement. The personal statement should contain information about your research direction, potential thesis topics, your past achievements (publications, internships, teaching, etc.), and what advice/insights/ideas you hope to gain from the Ph.D. consortium. It is recommended to mention some of the questions that you might be interested in asking during the panel session at the Ph.D. consortium.

Review Criteria

Applications will be reviewed according to the following criteria:

Additional Information

Please refer to this page for more updates regarding the PhD Consortium at KDD. For additional questions, please email KDD24-PhD-Chairs@acm.org.