Local Information

The 2024 edition of KDD will be held at Centre de Convencions Internacional de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain). You will find detailed information on how to get to the venue and recommendations on what to do in the city (culture, gastronomy, getaways, leisure, etc.) at their website

Other excellent sources of information to discover plans in Barcelona are:


Please check the hotel information

You may also be interested in exploring alternative options on portals such as Booking. Barcelona, like many cities around the world, is undergoing a very aggressive process of gentrification and mass tourism. Therefore, please ensure that your accommodation is officially licensed, so that you enjoy your visit without affecting the welfare of local residents.


If you are planning to use the metro and local trains (recommended) or buses we recommend you buy a multi-day pass with access to the airport, or a “T-Casual” metro card of 10 trips without access to the airport. T-Casual card is non-transferable, therefore only one person at a time can travel. Note the metro card also gives you access to trains within the city limits (zones 1 and 2), and allows a transfer with bus within the 90 minutes of starting a trip. The metro runs until midnight on weekdays, and all night on Saturdays. More info at the TMB website.

Taxis in Barcelona are black and yellow. Available taxis are identified by a green light on top, and drivers appreciate but do not expect tips. 

Restaurant red flags

Gastronomy in Barcelona is wonderful. You can find many recommendations in the resources listed above. However, you will also find many expensive low-quality restaurants designed for tourists. There may be exceptions to the following rules, but in general, we recommend avoiding restaurants that:

Safety tip: beware of pickpockets

Violent crime is extremely rare in Barcelona. Unfortunately, pickpocketing is a common problem. To avoid incidents, we recommend that you:

The phone number for emergencies is 112

Credit: Transport and safety tips were kindly shared by ACM WebSci’22 chairs.