IDTutorial TitleFormatDateTime
HO-1A Hands-on Introduction to Time Series Classification and RegressionHands-onTBDTBD
HO-2A Tutorial on Multi-Armed Bandit Applications for Large Language ModelsHands-onTBDTBD
HO-3Breaking Barriers: A Hands-On Tutorial on AI-Enabled Accessibility to Social Media ContentHands-onTBDTBD
HO-4DARE to Diversify: DAta Driven and Diverse LLM REd TeamingHands-onTBDTBD
HO-5Domain-Driven LLM Development: Insights into RAG and Fine-Tuning PracticesHands-onTBDTBD
HO-6Multi-modal Data Processing for Foundation Models: Practical Guidances and Use CasesHands-onTBDTBD
HO-7Practical Machine Learning for Streaming DataHands-onTBDTBD
HO-8Privacy-Preserving Federated Learning using Flower FrameworkHands-onTBDTBD
HO-9Tutorial on Graph Reasoning with LLMs (GReaL)Hands-onTBDTBD
LS-1Modern Recommender Systems Leveraging Generative AI: Fundamentals, Challenges and OpportunitiesLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-2Causal Inference with Latent Variables: Recent Advances and Future ProspectivesLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-3Foundation Models for Time Series Analysis: A Tutorial and SurveyLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-4Reasoning and Planning with Large Language Models in Code DevelopmentLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-5Towards Urban General Intelligence Through Urban Foundation ModelsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-6Heterogeneous Contrastive Learning for Foundation Models and BeyondLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-7A Review of Graph Neural Networks in Epidemic ModelingLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-8Graph Intelligence with Large Language Models and Prompt LearningLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-9A Survey on Hypergraph Neural Networks: An In-Depth and Step-By-Step GuideLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-10Bias and Unfairness in Information Retrieval Systems: New Challenges in the LLM EraLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-11Explainable Artificial Intelligence on Biosignals for Clinical Decision SupportLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-12Large Language Models for Graphs: Progresses and DirectionsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-13Recent and Upcoming Developments in Randomized Numerical Linear Algebra for Machine LearningLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-14Safe Multi-Modal Machine LearningLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-15Decoding the AI Pen: Techniques and Challenges in Detecting AI-Generated TextLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-16Symbolic regression: a pathway to interpretability towards automated scientific discoveryLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-17Inference Optimization of Foundation Models on AI AcceleratorsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-18Advances in Human Event Modeling: From Graph Neural Networks to Language ModelsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-19Grounding and Evaluation for Large Language Models: Practical Challenges and Lessons LearnedLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-20Sharing is Caring: A practical guide to FAIR(ER) open data releaseLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-21Automated Mining of Structured Knowledge from Text in the Era of Large Language ModelsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-22RAG Meets LLMs: Towards Retrieval-Augmented Large Language ModelsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-23Graph Machine Learning Meets Multi-Table Relational DataLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-24Systems for Scalable Graph Analytics and Machine Learning: Trends and MethodsLecture-StyleTBDTBD
LS-25Multimodal Pretraining, Adaptation, and Generation for Recommendation: A TutorialLecture-StyleTBDTBD