Sponsorship Opportunities

This document describes our history, attendee profile, and the benefits we provide to our sponsors.

Who are we?

The community for data mining, data science and analysis.

Started in 1989, KDD is the oldest & largest data mining conference worldwide. It is home to some of the first & most highly cited research papers in fields which are now popularly known as “Big Data”, “Data Science”, and “Predictive Analytics”. Innovations like Crowdsourcing, large-scale data science competitions, personalized advertising (e.g. Google etc.), graph mining algorithms (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn etc.) and recommender systems (e.g. Netflix, Amazon etc.) all originated at KDD.

After 33 years and an explosive growth in this industry, we are still the home for the latest cutting- edge research in these topics; we also constantly evolve new technologies such as deep learning, differential privacy, ethical machine learning etc. Even today, the technology & research discussed at our conference is often ahead of any other conference!

Who participates?

KDD conference attracts leading researchers in about equal parts from universities and industry. More specifically, attendees at KDD come from –

Academia: Leading researchers (e.g. professors, graduate students etc.) from universities (e.g. Berkeley, Stanford, Oxford, Tsinghua etc.) across the globe come to KDD to learn and present the cutting edge advancements in the fields of Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics and Big Data.

Industry: KDD has pioneered applied data science. It is not surprising that KDD participants come from almost all industry stalwarts that are synonymous with data driven intelligent technologies. Professionals (Data Scientists, ML Engineers, Research Scientists etc.) from Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Netflix, LinkedIn, Tencent, Microsoft, IBM, Spotify and Amazon, to name a few companies, are a large and active presence at KDD.

Policy Leaders: The confluence of eminent voices from academia and industry at KDD has brought about an active participation from various thought leaders in the research policy arena as well. Voices from NIH, NSF, DARPA, and National Laboratories etc. are an important presence at KDD.

Startups & VC: Participants from the startup and venture capital arena have always found a nurturing home at KDD. Panels discussions on topics such as “AI and entrepreneurship” are highly sought out events at KDD.

Why should you sponsor KDD?

Recruitment: KDD provides multiple avenues for you to meet and recruit the best and brightest minds in the field of data science, analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and Big Data. KDD facilitates this explicitly through sharing your job postings with attendees directly (Diamond, Platinum, Gold, and Silver sponsorship level), through job matching (where candidates can express interest in your jobs) and through exhibition booths (where you can showcase your company & jobs, arrange meetings, set up Q&A with your experts etc.).

Branding:  KDD is known as a home for industry-defining innovations and high quality rigorously peer-reviewed research. Sponsoring KDD is an opportunity for you to brand with over a quarter century of high-quality data science that KDD has come to represent. This is a way for you to stay on top of minds for data science professionals and candidates that may look for their next place to work in a few months or years.

Customers:  In addition to facilitating recruitment, KDD also provides an opportunity for you to reach out to your potential customers. Companies such as Elder Research, Salford Systems, Oracle, SAS, and many startups use the exhibition booth as a venue to advertise & meet new customers. Most leading book publishers use our conference to advertise and sell the latest books to the largest gathering of data mining researchers.

Community:  Many of us now work in research disciplines and industries that many years ago were mere nascent ideas being discussed at KDD. Supporting KDD through sponsorship is a way for you to support the international community of researchers that are working on data-driven ideas that will define economies of tomorrow. Quite explicitly, corporate sponsorship helps us keep the registration costs affordable for students and international attendees.

We hope to see you at KDD 2024!
KDD 2024 Sponsorship Chairs, sponsors2024@KDD.org